NPR:Now Pedophile Friendly

Demystifying and Disarming NPR’s Passive-Aggressive Reporting  
I used to be such an advocate, believer, and appreciator of National Public Radio. I don’t know whether it was me, NPR, or (as I suspect) a combination of both has changed over the past decade. I have become aware of how their soft spoken, passive-aggressive , forceful manipulation of social issues has become more than just socially irresponsible, but even dangerous. I wrote in the past their technique of presenting “behaviors” as if they are biologically the same as skin color or disabilities and use pseudoscience to affirm their inaccurate assertions. For example, “Abortion” is presented as a natural biological process, like nothing can be done about it, and thus a “right”. They refuse to consider that the behavior of becoming pregnant with a child you don’t want is completely avoidable and the consequences is the result of behavior that should be condemned, not rectified. NPR, is a publicly funded (though very little public funds these days) entity that should not have a bias away from facts and science. And while the public funds are, today, a small amount of the budget, NPR does not exist today if it were not “built” by the people in its infancy. Much like liberals would say about a corporation, “you didn’t build it on your own.” So they have a responsibility to represent the entire public. Which is why I was so moved to lividness when I heard not one, but a few trending stories lately. The push to make pedophilia accepted as something that is “not in the control of the perpetrator” and even as if they are “sufferers” of an affliction. I know this is a huge “charge” and I had better be able to back it up. 

Lacking any sense of commitment and no longer “baffled” by their technique, I listen to NPR with the same air of skepticism as I do FOX. Most people listen to a news report expecting to be informed by an authority on facts, but when you know to look for it, you can easily spot when you are being pushed an agenda and sold opinions as facts. In the past, social issues that are far from harmless, but open to debate amongst adults. Legalization of pot, drone strikes, global climate change, governmental condoning of sex for pleasure, illegal immigration, and poverty are some of these issues. But when they turned their agenda towards accepting pedophilia as a behavior deserving compassion I lost it. 

A Quick Overview of Psychology of Acceptance  
The psychology goes like this, the first time you hear or witness something shocking, it is scary, causes reason to divert attention, and you far more clearly understand the dangers. The more you experience an idea, the more you experience “extinction” and the less aware of the negative effect you become. Some things this is good. For example, growing up in an entirely white town and area of the country, up until I got into high school, the only dark skinned people I knew were on TV. So my image was skewed and biased towards the negative traits of “black people”. The more I got to know more people of different colored skins, the more I realized that we were not too different. My fear and bias disappeared.

Cognitive dissonance cannot be overcome by shoving a complete opposing idea down the throat of a person who holds a completely differ belief. It is even harder when the idea you are trying to indoctrinate them with is not founded in reality or something concrete that cannot be denied. They will shut down, withdraw, and your message might as well be told “to a wall”. What pretty much has to be done is finding similarities to the person you are trying to convince and the perception you are trying to convince them of. If they see these similarities, they will be shown to be a hypocrite. So they will desire to adjust their belief system. Then manipulate those likenesses softly until they can accept the new reality. Marketing to adults is based upon this. This is why products are always compared to “the leading brand”. This is the approach every politician uses to convince you that he is “just like you” while the other guy is “one of them”. If you can relate to some things that are the same, you can accept that there are differences. (Deeper than this post is the threat analysis mechanisms in the psyche that have to be rectified with new information.)
To be noted, this is a tool of our psyche, it is neither a good nor bad trait. For example, meeting people who say, “I love you” to their family members might be strange to those who didn’t grow up with it, but it is a good thing. It is a trait you want to pass down to your children. However, the Cleveland 3 girls that were kidnapped and raped every day of their lives, accepted this as a reality, and became accustomed to it. But this is not something they would want to pass down to their children as normal.

NPR: National Pedophilia Radio 
As I am driving home the a few nights back, I was paralyzed with jaw dropped and locked as I hear an NPR program (that I care not to advertise for) doing a story on a movie festival award winning (I think documentary) about a dude who “Struggles with wanting to have sex with children”. The show was “This American Life”, but I will not link to it here. I refuse to give it credence. The subject of the movie claims he has never acted on his addiction. The reality is that in most cases, If he had done such a socially rejected offense, he wouldn't be able to admit it to himself. “Everybody in jail is innocent”. What incentive has he to admit that he did? He would have repressed it. But, let us give him the benefit of the doubt. The benefit that this dude “Adam” had not (yet) acted upon his impulse was the assertion. The story was focused on how great it was that he was getting help. During the entire story, even the therapist they described going to, not a single person pointed out the obvious. That tis dude, as some very young age, had been molested. That was the problem here. Through all the sappy music and empathetic silences, it wasn't mentioned even once as the result as this kid’s current state was the result of this egregious act being performed upon him. But that would have sent a contradictory message. What if his offender we also “suffering” from the pedophilia affliction? And NPR’s logic would come crashing down. In fact their logic and narrative about abortion, homosexuality, obesity, drug addiction would have all come crashing down. Since the liberal narrative is that somehow these afflictions are genetic and there is nothing that the people who have these feelings can do about them. 

Being pretty busy these days with some personal, physical type projects going on, I didn’t have time to write this right away. The very next day, on the way home, I was again listening to NPR. And there again was another story. Another justification of pedophilia!! This was about men, who as kids, were deemed “sex offenders”. They were now adults and complaining that they hadn’t did anything of the sort since they were under 18. Guess what? Most people have never done it at all. This is life, sometimes we do things as kids that effect our whole lives. Would you say this if they had murdered somebody in cold blood? If the kid wants a place to “blame” look to his parents. They obviously didn’t instruct you better. But study after study shows the disadvantages that are caused to children who are sexually assaulted at teen and pre-teen ages. Where is the story of the person that these kids assaulted? The depression, anxiety, the problems with relationships, the acts of disruptive behavior that is caused by the trauma this poor “victimized pedophile” caused? That is a life sentence for many of them. There is a case to be made that they would have been better off if you murdered them, at least the pain and suffering would have ended.

The Process Of Normalization
So if we could go back just 20 or 30 years, our ideals about drugs, sex and violence were much more stringent. The question is, “why”? Too many people will blame religion. The truth is religion is created from truths. It is often created to answer hard question in a simplistic and irrational way. It is hard to explain, even today with our advanced knowledge, the way “social environment” affects each and every one of us. What I will post is how Empathy is our strongest manipulation tool. If we can make ourselves seem the victims, we can get more people to believe our plight and protect our actions than if we are say, bragging. (Humble bragging is the least effective.) We, as a race are predisposed to follow “The golden Rule”. We can admit that there are behaviors that deserve ridicule of the society. As a general rule, society chastise behaviors that can cost the “Tribe” resources unequally and based on one’s own selfish desires. Sex when you can’t take care of offspring or it causes disease to spread is one. Drugs, as they cause people to be unproductive, distracted, and irresponsible with their energy. Violence, as it can rob the tribe of a needed member and cause waves of unrest. All of them are a sign of an emotionally disturbed member of the group. Because we live in such an artificial environment, that can’t be sustained, we don’t feel the direct effects of bad behaviors. That is where the danger lies.

First, somebody being shunned or punished for bad behavior is seen by others who don’t know the story as being “victimized”. The next phase is a group of people who have been shunned for the same bad behavior form a minority. Now this minority group is being victimized and they are larger and more vocal. They get supporters. This causes some to overreact and worse, people who don’t understand why the behavior is damaging to society start using irrational arguments. When religion is used to invalidate a bad behavior, with the discrediting of the religion (or some traditional philosophy), it becomes “credit” for the case to accept the bad behavior as “normal”. It shouldn’t, both are invalid premises, but it does. Often times they will break apart the bigger social dysfunction and say, Well this type of violation is different than that type. People often don’t realize they are on a slippery slope until they are sliding down the hill. “And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air – however slight – lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.” ― William O. Douglas

Pedophilia is part of the dysfunction caused by a society addicted to sex. Sex is the cheapest, easiest, more accessible drug we have. But it is the most devastating. Like food and water, we need to partake in it to survive as a race. But the danger of addiction and all the unhealthy and inhumane behaviors that come with it are always prevalent. How long before we start letting sex offenders off because “they can’t help themselves” . How long before the sexual abuser is on some talk show telling the world how they can’t help themselves, that is it “genetic” and we should feel pity for them.
If you are up for it, go seek out the story of “Adam” who was addicted to child porn, and the story they did about it on NPR. It made me sick to my stomach. The fact that they could “humanize” these monsters. You might be the type to think I am making much of this now, but look at how we thought about sex drugs and violence in the past compared to now. Imaging if we could remove “sex for pleasure” form our society as a “thought experiment”. What problem would go away. Pedophilia would be one of them.

A More Clearer Way Of Seeing It
So as a writer, story teller, journalist, your first question when you decide to do a piece is, “what is my purpose for doing this story. What is it that I want people to “feel” differently about when I am finished telling it. You never tell a story to leave people right where you found them. Even if you are affirming something they already believe, you are attempting to deeper entrench that belief. So what is it that you the writer of this documentary and this NPR piece was trying to “change” in you, the listener? The answer is they wanted you to “feel” more empathetic towards child molesters. This is the same exact approach they took for abortion, homosexuality, single motherhood, pot, and illegal immigration. It starts out with, “hey these people aren’t bad. Many of them are just like you, except this one flaw.” Then they slowly tell more stories until the narrative becomes, “ you are the bad bigot for chastising these people. There are so many of them that it just has to be good and normal.” Which, there are more of them because when people feel comfortable in not to repress of their bad desires, they start to “come out”. Other people with like desires start to associate and attach. This is what is happening here.

*I decided to include the link. I don't see how people can really get a sense of how despicable this is without hearing the piece.  What has this country become that we are on the path of cannibalizing even the youth in our thirst for lust. 

Pedophiles are people too?


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