Gay Marriage- Just another addiction fed, another step toward ruining children

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 Another Loss For Collectivism
I have mentioned this before and this only validates it. There is a war waging among the species known as "human". The "individualist" who think their only existence is to maximize their own personal happiness and minimize their own personal pain. They trust nobody but themselves, live only for today. Polluting the world, consuming it's resources, and making zero advances toward preserving the human race is a hallmark. They drive nearly all of the global climate change, all while complaining about it. They have no connection to the past (no honor for their father and mother) and no connection to their future (treating their kids like puppies that they don't want anymore once the attention that they get from them and the "cuteness" wears off. Sending them earlier and earlier to public conditioning and thinking the little things they do is enough. Absolving themselves from how the child turns out as an adult.). Things like divorce, adultery, and of course "same sex marriage" are common. Because they are only driven by their own self preserving needs. On the other side is the collectivist. Those that believe they are only a bit part in the long and deep history of humanity. Those that believe the sum of all our parts should be more than the individual. Those that understand that "some" must endure pain and even death so that this "organism" known as the human race and live on and maybe even reach the stars one day. Some must restrain their quest for pleasure for the good of the community. This is a idea that every single living thing understands except humans. Collectivist have a strong connection to their elders taking care of them at home, listening to them, learning from their wisdom and appreciating their contributions. Their children are their most cherished resources. Things like "family honor" , tribal pride, and appreciation for their successes is a stable of collectivism. Every child is expected to bring in new members. Parents often arrange unions bases upon the honor and integrity of the potential mates parents. (These unions have been shown to be happier and longer lasting than those of "chance". ) This battle continues today. The quest for human longevity lost ground today for more consumption, more addiction and more individualism. This didn't happen over night. People today can not change who they are, but we have to ask the question of when we want to "turn back" to start being "good parents" again. As a parent, I can tell you that I say "no" far more often than I say "yes". but my yes's are appreciated much more. Governments elected by individualist are like dinner plans being made for a family of 6 with 3 totters being set by equal vote. A diet of ice cream and gummy bears can not be maintained, though you will live. As a father of a young daughter, I cringe at the examples, the voices outside of my own, my daughter has on the topics of sex, drugs and violence. My message already seemed like a "whisper upon a big gay parade scream.

Humans Telling Nature She is Wrong

Well, To my knowledge, while in the history of man, two men nor two women have had sex in an attempt to conceive. Bill never looked at Ted and said, we should make a baby. If they did, they didn't understand the science behind it. So anytime sex is engaged in, without the attempt to conceive a child, it is "sex strictly for pleasure."

Nature is a force that we can circumvent, but not without negative consequences in the long run. passing on the understanding of those consequences is the job of the "tribal leaders" and the policies they embrace. Sociologist believe nature developed the "orgasm" in men to get them "addicted" to that source for pleasure. This kept them around to protect the pregnant mother and then to raise the child. The rest of the tribe put social pressures on the male to make sure that he had anxiety about going to another source for sex. thus the condemning of rape, prostitution, bestiality, and adultery. became part of every philosophical doctrine. In some tribes, if you kill a warrior, you would inherit the responsibility of taking care of his wife and kids. Nature and natural progression has always tied healthy sustainable communities to controlling sex for pleasure. In recent times they have tied the female orgasm directly to the region of the brain where "trust" is generated. This lead sociologist to believe that it was a "reward" for picking a good father who they trust will stick around. This is the reason why nature developed sex.

There Is What Is Said By The Speaker And The Million Different Meanings  To The Listeners.

Every policy has two "meanings", two "messages". There is the meaning or message to the individual. Then there is the one that the example sets. This is true of gun policy as it is for policies on "sex for pleasure" as it is on drug use to make you "happy". Since this administration has taken office, they have been like bad parents unable to tell their whining children "no". If you were 15 and your parents and "the government" walked in on you having sex, the parents would say "no" the government would say, "it's your right." If your parents walked in on your smoking crack, your parents would say, "no", the government would say, "it's your right". If your parents walked in on you playing with a gun, your parents would say, "no". the government would say, "it's your right". Who has your best interest at heart. Who wants you to just keep feeding them your patriotism?
And that is about all I have to say about the Supreme Court Ruling. I and my family have our own addictions to deal with. This didn't make the future seem any brighter.


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