Here are the LAP New Year “Revolutions”

  Being this a advocacy for political change blog, It is only fitting that I set some points for change that I would like to see us work towards in the coming years.

A Different Type Of Marriage Authorized 
1) It is time to marry the ideas on the "Declaration of Independence" and the "Constitution".   It is time to acknowledge that the document that men looked at and agreed it was worth risking their lives for, the ones the soldiers of the revolution signed upon committing service, is just as valid and important as the ones politicians in a time of slavery, sexism, racism, and treating natives like animals crafted in a political environment with not much different than exist today and with less than half of the voices we consider to be valid today. What that means is the laws of nature (for which we have discovered much about since 1776) and “God” (for which we have found a lot of flaws in the idea since 1776) should be reassessed and added to the constitution.   The line “Life, Liberty, and Happiness” should be seen as more than just ideas, but considered the “mission statement”/ the “product” for which our legislators are to be guided by.  The statement “that all men are created equal” doesn't mean that they remain that way.  That this is an acknowledgement that we are born “blank slates” and that the things both public and private influence the behaviors of “men” between that birth and their death.  By mentioning this in this context, it means that the community/ government/ policy makers have an obligation to be vigilant of those things that influence the people they become, to make sure they are equally enlightened and therefore free.  The point, in plain English, too many US citizens are born into the inequality associated with poverty and other social ills. Place of birth, method of education, and family environment are all means of creating inequality. An obvious understanding that Paris Hilton has a far great chance at success than a kid born to a crack addicted mother in the projects.  These inequalities make it harder to attain “life, Liberty, and happiness” for all.  

Guns, Slaves, and Paranoia
2) It is time to throw out the 2nd amendment for the barbaric, archaic and destructive piece of …… legislation that it is. As pointed out above, we are only granted rights given by either nature or god that make us equal.  Since none of us are born with guns, it is safe to assume neither nature nor god intended us to have them.  They gave us a voice, so it seems freedom of speech makes sense to some extent.  Guns, do not. There is nothing “god given” about a gun. The reason for the 2nd amendment was to that militias could chase slaves down and being them back to slavery.  We ended slavery because it was ludicrous, might as well end the “enforcement” policy that enabled it.  The Buddhist have a philosophy that states basically that “if your mission is one of war, then bring tools of war and close your mind to enemy assault. If your mission is one of peace, then bring tools of peace and open your mind to compromise.” Since we have adopted the mission statement of “domestic tranquility” it means that weapons and paranoia are wrong and even adversarial tools for the goal. Time to start working them out of our society. Deaths, rapes, robbery, intimidation, suicide, and assaults are all negative results of our access to guns. The fact that we, not living in 1776, where a drive across a state line took days and had a risk of life and limb, anymore and the ability to get guns into a "gun free zone" is simpler than an Asian Carp getting into the Great Lakes. Time to wage war on war. 

Lawyers Validating Lawyers Is Like Liars Validating Liars
3) It is time to disband the Supreme Court. The idea of lawyers reviewing the decision of other lawyers seems to be counterproductive. They are going to come up with the most lawyerly decisions.  Which, most of us understand means the highest paid and most self-serving decision.  While separation of church and state is a good idea, and necessary for common good, the combination of science and state is in the best interest of public and future well-being.  In its place, we should establish a board of science and philosophy.  One that addresses policy issues based not on the outdated documents of centuries ago, but of one that considers the most up to date understanding of what brings peace, life, health, and prosperity to the community as a whole.   Using the latest understanding of biology, sociology, psychology, economics, ecology, diplomacy, and physics they access the logic and reasoning behind the intent of each policy.  Individual rights are theirs and theirs alone so long as those rights remain inside the house of the individual and those they are responsible for or answerable to.  When those behaviors spill outside those walls, they must be considered for the full impact that they example plays upon the community as a whole.  If a policy is deemed to be supportive of behavior that inhibits life, liberty, or happiness will gain no public endorsement.  In many cases, that doesn't mean punishment or repercussions for it, just no endorsement.  We understand that screaming “fire” in a crowded theater takes away from liberty and happiness, so should other public proclamations that are not scientifically sound.  Enabling or encouraging individuals to continue bad behaviors, is not in the best interest of the community, certainly not openly. The staple of determining what is dysfunctional or bad behavior should be that if you wouldn't condone your teenager to do it in front of you, then it is something that you know internally that it is wrong.  That sense of "right and wrong" is naturally instilled in most of us by nature or god.  The science and philosophy board is to apply the science to the mission statement on all policies challenged. Lower courts are determined legality of issues.

   I would say that these are big enough for one year.  We will see how much headway we make on them by next New Year.   The core of these “revolutions” are that we acknowledge that it is no longer 1776 any longer.  That we no longer live on self-sustaining family farms and/ or small communities.  We no longer live mostly silent, individual lives, where we were all stay at home parents, passing our philosophy on next generation free from media, school, and ever changing peer groups.  That the effects uncovered by Zimbardo in the “Stanford Prison Experiment” about “group think” has a much more powerful role and influence than it did back then.  The things we say and do in public have a direct effect upon the children of other hard working parents.  When we come to terms with the fact that we now live in a global commune, we can start working to repair the damage denying that reality has caused.


clayton said…
This is not a comment but an appeal for help.
My wife left with my 2 kids 7 months ago, 6 month baby, after taking Zoloft for 3 weeks. Yes, ups and downs in marriage but abandoned me suddenly, without any warning or prior breakdown. We have been in a highly passionate relationship for 13 years.

She has an irrational "fear" of me, and her personality has completely changed, she's conducted a distortion campaign against me alleging "emotional abuse" and her constant avowals of love and withdrawal have ended up with me having an acute psychotic episode.

She has changed, has almost zero capacity for empathy, and has absolutely no self--reflective capacity, yet underneath I know and she knows there is still a strong love.

Everyone in authority and surrounding family who offers "help" offers it from the wrong direction. Everyone is urging us apart as the solution.

I vow to keep fighting, I have told parents, friends, family, mental health workers and psychiatrists countless times that as the father of this family I will not let Zoloft ruin my family and my wife. I take my vows very seriously and will not abandon her when I perceive she is sick.

She has no insight into her personality change. No compassion for how the vilification and separation has damaged my son. (She has them, 13yo and 1yo at her place). No-one will help.

She has been diagnosed early 2012 with bipolar 2, and against my warning, psychiatrists advice, her gp prescribed Zoloft.

I rang her GP again when she left, outraged at her sudden personality change. The GP called her into the office but did not take her off the Zoloft. What more abrupt change can one ask for to alert a GP?

I do not know what to do, can you offer any advice, or the contact details of a GP or psychiatrist who may be familiar with these problems?

You can contact me on or ring me on 89431 3448 between 8-8. Just ask for Clayton and say you are a friend. I'm in Perth, W Australia.

Many thanks for any help you can offer - you may be able to make a huge difference.


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