A Spineless Traitor And His Endorsement

So Powell endorsed Obama with three weeks to go until the general election. Whooptee-doo. Mr. Powell. I know some in the media with short memories and in search of liberal based drama are happy to hear about the once respected Republican general who was George Bush’s main advisor in the lead up to the Iraq invasion. They are happy to hear him turn traitor to his own part. They easily forgive that he tuned his tricks on against the American people in 2002.

Colin Powell could very well have been the first African American president. He had the respect and ear of the full spectrum of the political arena. His silence and reluctance spoke volumes about what he believe during the run up to the war. He was the one person that could have swayed enough of the right people to change their minds about the necessity to go into Iraq. He was known for being cautious and reserved about using force. Many of the cheerleader around Bush were know as “War Hawks”. If Powell had spoken out or even threatened to and followed through with a resignation, this unjust war of choice at the expense of the poor and ignorant might not have been approved. The US diplomatic and economic security might not have suffered the reprehensible damage that we are currently experiencing. North Korea and Iran wouldn’t be laughing in our face about our threats. Al Qaeda would not exist any longer.

But no, in spite of the intelligence being delivered to Colin by his own office’s intelligence service, Colin fell in line and supported information that he never appeared comfortable endorsing. He admits that he pressured the Administration to reconsider it’s decision to engage in the Iraq war. That means one of two things when you read between the lines. He either A) didn’t believe the intelligence being presented by the CIA, or B) he didn’t believe Iraq having a nuclear weapon was a threat to the security of the US or its allies. Yet there he was in front of the UN with a pointer showing some RVs that they had “confirmed held elements of a nuclear weapons program. It turned out not only to be false, but many knew it was false even as Colin was delivering his speech.

So “thank”, but “no thanks” for the endorsement Mr. Powell. Your timing coming after the primary, three weeks before the general election, and after it is obvious that Obama has the presidency wrapped up is only a further demonstration of your spinelessness. You had a real chance to change the destiny of this country. To move us into a new realm and demonstrate that we had learned the lessons of wars and years past. But you didn’t. So take your endorsement and shove it . You are ultimately a disgrace to you country, you service, the soldiers, and even your race. Go fade into obscurity and let history for get you ever existed.


AnarchyJack said…

I respectfully disagree, though I certainly understand your feelings of betrayal. Indeed, many of us watched Secretary Powell with shock and awe as appeared so instrumental in the Bush/Cheney power-grab. I have not yet forgiven him for holding up that vial of anthrax, which we now know had nothing to do with Iraq.

But the heroes were a distinct minority in those times--you can almost name them on one hand--and Powell was nothing, if not a soldier, trained to follow orders. I agree with you, he had a moral obligation not to follow some of them, but his resignation shows that he suffered a crisis of conscience.

Again, I do not condone what Colin Powell did for the Bush Administration. But I respect him for speaking his conscience. Importantly, he said something that no one else has, but should have said much sooner: "So what if he [Obama] is [a Muslim]?"

Courage isn't something that everyone has every day of their lives. It is a rare thing, which is why we honor it when we see it. As a civilian, Colin Powell has had years to look back on that day in front of the United Nations. I agree with you that he failed us that day. But his defense of the seven year-old Muslim boy, the fallen Muslim soldier, and the real American dream, where anyone, even a Muslim, can become President, was both appropriate and courageous.

Lord of Logic said…

I guess I have a hard time forgiving a chance that many lives "might" have been saved if General Powell would have spoken up sooner. There were certainly heroes of that time. Their size were that of mice, but their sacrifice were that of men, or should I say "women". Especially a hero named Valerie Plame Wilson and her Husband Joseph Wilson. Making messily G-13 pay grade with a brand new set of twins and a life long dedication of service. They had everything to loose and did. What could Collin have been so afraid of. To see him granted so much reverence while these tow were forced into obscurity is a travesty. What if the election had been going the other way right now. Would he have still come out in favor of Barrack?

I will give you this. He said some good things that have probably resonated with people who still respect him. There is reprieve in that. I was once one of the people who thought, "he could be president next." He had the rings right there all that he had to do was what he knew was right, and he didn't. Other people did.

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