Real Quick on the Palin Interview

In Case you had trouble following. Here is how Sarah's logic was planned


Well, crap. She didn't flop and make the whole thing a lot less stressful for the next to weeks as we meander towards the growing evidential end.

Palin was well instructed and applied a classic debate technique taught in high school and beauty pageants across the globe. Every politician uses the technique to answer questions outside their area of expertise’s. Palin used it to answer every question. That technique is to first repeat the question, and then craft the answer to talk about a topic you want to talk about. An example can be seen here.

Done right it can make you look insightful. The key word is "look". It worked last night, especially under reduced expectation. When done wrong it looks like the youtube video.

Her school girl "gotcha" tone that was intentionally trying to draw out the Joe bidden that puts his foot in his mouth often was annoying. I was relieved to see Joe didn't take the bait. It was also annoying to hear the unending “marketing slogans” and “catch phrases”. Furthermore, it looked as if they had taken the ques from what everybody had said about McCain’s failure last week and coached her on making sure she did them. Looking at her opponent, “talking to the American people”, and making sure she mentioned the middle class. Not that everybody doesn’t do it, or any of these techniques. She just looked like an amateur doing it. It seems people are actually starting to recognize this is the big leagues. She defiantly never answered a follow up question or question outside of her predetermined topics.

The bigger story is that McCain is giving up on Michigan. You will see the same thing happen in Florida as the Clinton Supporters wounds scab over.


Will Rhodes said…
Excellent flow chart - I think that you may be correct with the Florida situation, and if he does do that - his race is over.
Lord of Logic said…

Thanks. Not mine. It has been floating around the net all day. As an Ohioan who became disgusted with the Republican Party in '03, then watched as Ohio was the reason they retained the Whitehouse in '04, I am not counting unhatched chickens. Hopefully Obama "runs through the tape" so to speak. The republicans have a year that they know they shouldn't win. The most damming thing about it is that they are getting to try all kinds of dirty tricks to learn from. The Palin pick being the grandest of them all. Next will be the very dirty negative untruthful ads. Things they would never dream of trying in a close election. They will know what they can use when the elections are close again.

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