Sarah Palin: How much more will they take?

I want it to be said I was first to say it. I was amazed that two days after the announcement of Miss Congeniality that she hadn’t been asked to step down as I noted in the post, “She still hasn’t resigned?”

Finally after all the hype about her “energizing the base”, GOP mouth pieces are calling for her to “step down”. McCain seems unmoved. The polls are getting to the point that they are overwhelming. Sarah Palin has become the Laughing stock of the media. The SNL team has a winner in Tina Fey who makes it hard to tell who the real VP nominee is. Yeah he is a "maverick" alright. If you mean that junky Ford car from the 70's that was known for rusting out quickly and breaking down often.

This week was highlighted by a comedy of errors by the campaign. First, there was the trip to the U.N. that was more like speed dating then an actually diplomatic event. Pakistan’s president was even quoted as saying Sarah was “gorgeous”.

Then she stopped by Katie Couric for an interview. Katie asked her “what were your news sources before you were tapped?” Palin’s answer, “Oh I read all of them.” “Which one?” countered Couric. Palin’s brilliant answer, “Oh any of them that were put in front of me. You know up in Alaska we get news like anybody else.” If that interview wasn’t bad enough, McCain came and “re-interviewed” with her. It has the feel of a father going to argue for his “little angel” in the principles office. She says that the only answer she ever gave was turned into a “gotcha moment. Well, actually she said it, and then she vigorously agreed like she was being fed the right answer to say to a police interrogation. Lastly, as if things were not bad enough, the McCain team has sent her to “debate camp”. So who is going to send her to economics camp when we have a catastrophic failure. Is there a diplomatic camp for when she has to talk Russia out of putting nukes in Cuba?

For my next prediction. I am predicting she runs off the stage crying on Thursday. The whole thing will look like an episode of Murry Polvich. It would really make the choice that much easier. She is so freaking stupid.


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