Palin Sill Hasn’t Resigned?

Day 4 and already McCain’s little sex kitten VP pick Sarah Palin is out with another scandal. Turns out that she has a 17 year old daughter who is pregnant. The conspiracy theories were abound that her daughter (Bristol, you got to look up the names of these kids. They got the NASCAR vote) had the baby and Ms. Palin and her husband took it as there own. This rumor was enough for Palin to come out and set the record straight.

So here is the record. She has been governor for a year and a half. Palin was Officially inaugurated in January of ’07. So quick math here, Jan to Dec is 12 to August is 8, that equals 20 months in office. Did I mention it was a job that she had been trying for 2 previous elections to get unsuccessfully, and finally she got it. Yet 12 months ago, 8 months into her new governorship, with 4 kids already, at the age of 44 she goes and gets knocked up. . We can be a little honest about biology here I hope. If a man did this it would be despicable. A woman doing putting herself in such a situation, it is despicable. You are elected, and expected to give 110% of yourself to the people for your term. To further exemplify the poorness of her decision making skills, as we all know having a child in your 40’s increases risk of Down syndrome. Guess what? Their child they so graciously chose to conceive while she is performing the stressful job of being a governor, has Down Syndrome. So now she has a 3 month old baby with Down, what if a CIA agent needs outed? Don’t worry “my friends” she has the resolve to get done needed corruption. Because also in that first 20 months she found time to get caught up in a “dismissal scandal”. Firing somebody for not firing her sisters ex-husband.

Then there is everybody talking about what a wonderful Mom she is. If she is so wonderful, why is her 17 year old knocked up and not graduated from high school? Yah that is right. Miss “good mother” has a 3 month old down baby and now a 17 year old teen mother at home. I am not sexist, but maybe somebody needed to stay home and take care of the kid. Either the father or the mother didn’t know where their daughter was at some point. If you think it is going to get any easier when you are VP, let alone one step from being President, you are mistaken.

That is the record, We have a former runner up to Miss Alaska, mother of 5 kids with NASCAR related names, former mayor of a town with less people then a Cleveland housing project, 1.5 years as governor, of which one year she has been pregnant of with a newborn, mother of a pregnant teen, with “executive experience.” (My wife has been a secretary for 8 years, “executive experience” is what we put on her resume when she gets an itch to try for a new job.) One really should Imagine a tailor trash Jerry Springer guest just got tapped to be the VP. She is running second seat to a 72 year old man with skin cancer and was abused for 5 years as a POW in Vietnam. He was a graduate form the naval academy in the bottom 5% of his class. He may need some help. If you can imagine her butting heads with the Iranians, Russians, Syrians, or even the Nebraskans, I have “a bridge to nowhere” to sell you.

Ms Palin go home!! Your family needs a mother and the United states needs a President and a vice president that can get things done. You have not the qualifications or the understanding to deal with the catastrophic issues of the day. The think so only demonstrates your selfish ignorance.


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