Palin: Chasing Two Rabbits

This is actually a favorite pass time of the ignorant and self delusional of our era. I have a friend in the ether that calls them “narcissistic.” The old adage goes, “He who chases two rabbits catches neither.”
What we have heard from the Campaign of John McCain is that, “Sarah Palin is both a dedicated leader and a good mother.” The problem is that her record and current situations says she is neither.

As a leader she has been a dim witted fumbling version of a real politician since her rise to runner up in the Miss Alaska beauty pageant. As mayor of a town of 6,000 she was asked to not hand off duties to people who know how to do them. Once governor she waffled like a lamp post in a hurricane. Her conspiracies and hypocrisies were more thinly veiled then the enthusiasm of a cheerleader at a chess tournament. Could it be that she might have made a decent politician if it weren’t for her attempts to also be a “good mother”?

Then again let us look at the “mother” Sarah Palin. The Palin family could easily be guests on the Jerry Springer show if the right story came out. They have all the qualities of daytime talk show attendees. They have the kids all named after NASCAR or hunting references. You have a mother with a 3 month old child and a daughter who is pregnant. The rumors floating around about who is really the baby daddy. Did I mention her political platform of “no sex-ed” and “abstinence only”. That seemed to work out for her, don’t yah think?

If my wife came to me and said, I am pregnant while I was being considered to be VP, My very next call would be to say, “Not interested this time, think of me in the future.” This is especially true if I found out my teenage daughter was going to be brining a child into the house. Presidents and their vices spend a lot of time away from home. It seems that her quest to be governor alone has played hell on the Palin family household. Now they have a Down Syndrome baby and a teenagers child too. Somebody needs to stay home and sit while their child finishes school the Down’s baby is going to need attention too.

However in her continued selfish quest, Palin has shown the republican ability to display a marketing front that seems, “healthy and American”. But a closer look exposes a selfish greedy power hungry underside that only serves to appease one person.


AnarchyJack said…
I think what I find most fascinating about Sarah Palin is what she reveals about neocons: they hate teen pregnancy, as long as they can blame it on the liberal policies of the left; yet when they see it among their own (and hence, are faced with the fact that their "no sex-ed" and "creationism over evolution" positions have been proven failures), they suddenly change the rules and say that it's no one's business. The hypocrisy is monolith, and I'll be danged if I'm going to treat it like the proverbial elephant in the room that nobody talks about.
Lord of Logic said…
Hypocrisy is the most deplorable human trait. It was what made me stand back and take a second look at the republican party in 2003. Many of the issues I agree with are approached from completely different perspectives. I used to think that as long as you agreed it didn't mater what brought a person to a logical stance on an issue. I now believe that to be a dangerous perspective.

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