Comparing Apples To Oranges.

I often hear, Obama’s mother was 17 when she got pregnant with Obama. Here is the difference.

Obamas Mom: He was born to a white mom, who had a black baby during the Jim Crow years. She was hated by both races. Women didn’t even have the right to vote yet. After you leave a school where you are not taught at the level of your mail piers, your only option is to start a family. That is what was before you.

Bristol Palin: A snotty nosed little tramp, raised in an all white state where here mother was the leader of the PTA. You can guarantee that she got the best treatment possible. Classroom sizes in her little school max out at about 10 per teacher. Her mother was mayor, then governor, and not VP nominee. Her options were as wide open as her legs.

Think this is harsh!? Don’t insult my intelligence by running this unqualified secretary with a souped up resume and try to tell me she is the greatest. This is my families and my security you are dealing with. I know more about foreign policy, economics, and religion even when I am bent over a rail drunk throwing up then this chick has ever been around.


AnarchyJack said…
Her daughter's pregnancy is definitely an issue - because Palin made it one. Palin's sex life (she allegedly had an infidelity with her husband's business partner) is also an issue, because of how the Republicans have insisted they have the right to invade our bedrooms. But the big issue is how Palin continues to lie, day after day, about taking (hell, LOBBYING FOR) pork barrel money. And if John McCain wants a "transparent" administration as he claims, why is he hiding Sarah Palin from the press?
Lord of Logic said…
I plan on doing a post about the people complaining that there is a double standards for liberals and conservatives on sex based scandals. Of course there is. Liberals are sponsors of the "free love, to each his own, stay out of my bedroom, alternative lifestyle" friendly policies. So when you catch one engaging in that kind of behavior, it is expected. But when a conservative is passing policies to deny the rights of people to participate in such activities in congress and then gets caught with "a wide stance" they are being true elitists. That goes back to the hypocrisy I mentioned earlier.
AnarchyJack said…
I've made a new post about the whole left/right political paradox. It's a thick topic, but I'd like your input on it. Also, I've invited a conservative blogger to write on MFTD - not a dittohead neocon. This guy's pretty bright. There's another guy that writes some pretty stark stuff, like you. Between the four of us, we could create some interesting contrast. Interested?

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