You Will Vote For Who? Why?

I did this recently at a family function। My brother who is gay and my aunt who is not explainable were both staunch Hillary supporters. They both spouted out rhetoric like, "I’m voting for McCain" or "I’m writing Hillary in". I asked why would you want to deliver the election to McCain? Sounding more like children that didn’t get their way then rational adults the answers were rapid but illogical.

Hillary Supporters (HS): "Because she won the popular vote."
Me: If you count the two states that Barrack’s name wasn’t on the ballot.
HS: He was on in Michigan.
Me: But he didn’t, in accordance to the rules, campaign in those states. In November of 2007 the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party was Billary Clinton. State by state, as Obama went to each one he won those states, or close enough to make it a virtual tie. He played by the rules, something the Clinton’s have always had trouble doing.
(that got interrupted by)
HS: I don’t care, they changed the rules and if they hadn’t…

Me: Why don’t you like Barrack?
HS: He lies to the public and misrepresents himself. He makes everybody think he came from this poor background, when he didn’t he was raised in an upper middle class that saw him go to the finest schools that no poor person could afford?
Me: How does he make everybody think he was poor? The same way Hillary speaks with an awful southern twang or claims she was shot at in Bosnia? In reality he went to those schools on scholarships।

HS: Well it’s not him it’s his wife। She hates white people. She continued to take her kids to that church and she said that she never felt American until her husband started looking like a real possibility for the nominee.

Me: Can you blame her for saying that। She was a young professional trying t make her way in the US during the 50’s and 60’s. I don’t know if you are aware of what Americans thought of "colored people" back then. It didn’t matter what kind of degree you had. If you lived in the white affluent world you saw the prejudice attitude even worse then if you were with "your own kind" in the ghetto. You have to wonder how many times she has encountered that glass ceiling. She would have a way better grasp of what "the American dream" then Hillary ever had.

HS: But they hate they spewed in that church show how much they hate white people.
Me: I have seen the whole clip I didn’t see anything that was directed towards all "white people". The main thing he was saying is that the US got attacked because of it meddling in parts of the world where people are poor and repressed. You don’t think the fact that we propped up oppressive regimes and put up oil fields where the poor goat herders used to run their livestock had something to do with the reason they hate us?
HS: Yes bet there was a direct hatred of white people in that speech.
Me: I saw the whole thing and didn’t see it। Can you tell me what he said? (no answer)

HS: She has experience that Barack doesn’t
Me : Experience screwing the American people over? That is something I am tired of.
HS: All politicians are corrupt.
Me: So you admit she is corrupt. Can you tell me what scandals Barack has been involved in?
Me: Look, Hillary has had so many people that she worked with on real estate deals that have been convicted of fraud and have had to go to jail। Many were pardoned by Bill.

To my brother I said, do you know what McCain stands for?
Bro: Yah he wants to make it so me and Drew are considered second class citizens.
Me: so why would you vote for him?
Bro: I won’t I am going to write Hillary’s name in.
Me: really the same thing।

To my Aunt: I understand as a catholic this will not break your heart, but most of Hillary’s support comes from a base of people who are very "Pro-choice". With the next two Supreme Court picks coming from the next president and the bench already teetering to the right, do you think they are going to let the Roe v. Wade issue fall in the hands of a conservative?
Aunt: Well I don’t think abortion is right, in fact I think it is murder, but that should be between the woman and God.
Me: What? So should all murder be between that person and God?
Aunt: Look abortion is wrong and the woman will have to pay for it later, I just don’t think the president should be making laws to tell the woman what she should do.
Me: (I couldn’t find any logic in that and she refused to answer that point presented।)

So that was pretty much it. It is really the same conversation I have been having with Hillary supporters for the last 6 weeks. The reason why this country is so screwed up is egos get in the way of what is good for the country.


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