Obama Nomination: Profound But Not Why You Think

Well we went and got it done। We have a black man with a Muslim name who has shunned of money from lobbyist elected to one of the two only parties in the United States. Go figure, only a half of a century after the end of the "Jim Crow" he eked by with only about 52% support. Somehow he managed to get just enough of the biggest voting demographic, the baby boomers, to vote for him. These are people of whom many of them grew up in the Jim Crow era and see nothing wrong with those laws. But it isn’t because he is black. Or at least not just because.

So why is this so profound? Or the most common asked question, "Is it wrong to support Obama because he is black?" assumes that there is a thought invoked choice। Every politician is narcissistic। But hold on, I will go further and say that every human is narcissistic. Even more so, every living thing on this planet is narcissistic. We all have "admiration and love of ourselves." That is how the "system" works. Every living thing believes its genes should be, deserves to be, passed on to the next generation.

What does that have to do with voting, Black or female candidates, and profound nominees? The reason is because we have always seen old, white, Christian, military, men in the office of the presidency is because most of the people who vote are nearly identical demographics। We want to vote ourselves or somebody who looks like us into a position of power। It further supports the notion that somebody who will make it easier to spread their genes. The fact that you are reading a political blog means some of us might even have spent more time looking up the biography, voting record, and policies of the candidates then we did looking up the same info on the next American Idol. But go find somebody who is an average voter. Ask them, "who they are voting for?" Then ask them "why?" After they spit out the same regurgitated negative marketing topic of the day. Ask them if they can name just one policy their candidate supports and how they plan to get it through the legislation, implement, and then pay for it. Every time that is answered by a blank stare and usually a subject change.

What makes Barrack Obama’s presidency unique is that this will be the first time that so many demographic differences were transgressed to elect him। It won’t be because people did their research. That is asking too much. It will be because the environment is ripe for enough people who are members of the normal voting demographics are tired of seeing the same results. So they have voted against their instincts. This is the same environment that will get people who starred in the movie "Predator" elected.

That is why this is profound.


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