18 cent gas tax holiday?

Any candidate who thinks this is a good idea should be removed from the ballot. They have sufficiently demonstrated no intellectual skills required to be leader of the free world. They really shouldn't be leading a guided tour of the zoo from the short bus at this point. But hey they got to make a living somehow. Any voter who agrees with them should be barred from voting. This is a case where your freedoms are infringing on my rights.

Anybody withy a vague understanding of economics understands that this proposal would not help the American people one bit. Do you know what happens the day that the gas tax holiday begins? That’s right!! Nothing. The next say you pull up to the long line at the pump. Because everybody and their brother waited until the holiday began to fill up their tanks. All of the sudden there is a surge in demand. What does basic economics tell us about a demand surge? Right, it is followed quickly by a price increase. Guess what the gas stations are going to do. They are going to raise the price 19 cents. Demand will decrease to only those people who need it. And life will continue on. That is until the “Gas Tax Holiday” is over. Then a sharp spike in price of 20 cents will occur. 18.4 cents for the tax being re-instated and the extra 1.5 cent for good measure. Thanks Hillary and John. You guys are truly brilliant. Give them some bubbles.

These are the people who could potentially run the country. This is a demonstration of their depth of understanding of the economics. And what is based on economics? You guess it right again, the economy!! So what was hoped to be a grand total savings of $40 will probably cost us about $150 before it is all done.

But then again Obama’s pastor said some bad things about our politicians and our weapons dealers. His pastor had the gull to say that, because we sold weapons to support coups and installed puppet governments in the Middle East, the people who lost those battles were mad at us. Some of them eventually became terrorists? What a mad man.


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