WHYS question: Does religious belief make for better politicians?

Recently on "World Have Your Say" they posed this question. Does religious belief make for better politicians? I have answered it in more depth during one of my origional posts here. This is how I answered it to the WHYS community.

wow sorry I missed that one. One of my favorite subjects. First we
all have “religious beliefs” of some sort. Satanism is a religion just the same
as evangelicals. The difference is that the Satanist seems a bit less
hypocritical. Every candidate brings some kind of belief structure to the table.

A problem occurs when there is a professed religious doctrine such as
Christianity and then courses of actions contrary to the professed doctrine. As
an example, let’s say that a president says he is Christian. Christianity
implies the teachings of Christ. By extension, a doctrine of love, compassion,
pacifism, tolerance, forgiveness, the ten commandments, and sacrifice are
implied. However, said president takes an insult engineered by a few dozen
nutcases in an impoverished drug infested country; and uses it as a spring board
to set the entire middle east alight resulting in the direct and indirect
killing of hundreds of thousands of people, then that would not be “Christian”.
The “religious beliefs” he was elected on would make great political policies.
However, in this case he did not adhere to the beliefs.


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