WHy People Don't Trust Democrats

What Balless twits. How is it that the democrats, even with the majority keep getting brow beaten over Iraq? What part of “you were elected because the American majority has had enough of this unjust unnecessary war. Stopping it is all that matters.” don’t you get? It is funny to see them all sit around and wonder why they have no power. Because they have now cohesion. Why would they worry about looking like they are being unsupportive? When the money runs out, they bring the troops home, they have them hear by Easter. By next November all the troops will be talking about is how they are glad they don’t have to worry about going to Iraq any more and what school they plan on spending their G.I. Bill money on. Expect to see the names of the Democrats that voted to pass this over inflated pork barrel bill as soon as I can find them.


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