The Reason It Is Difficult To Have An Intelligent Debate

Here is an example of why it is so difficult to have an intelligent debate among candidates.
Check out the video at about the 5:30 point to get the full context. You will see Giuliani make a comment designed only to appeal to the thoughtless clapping monkeys in the audience. Rudy, who wouldn't be on stage if it wasn't for Osama Bin Laden, is running on the platform that he was mayor on 9-11. To explain thoroughly what he meant, Ron would have needed at least 15 minutes. To explain how Bin Laden, the youngest of 24 sons of a rich Yemen family, Fought against the Soviets with American support in Afghanistan. He was then trained by the CIA. A CIA that had a policy of support for the militia we all know as the Mujahedeen. (If you think this sound eerily like what we are doing in Iraq now, you are starting to understand Ron’s Point.) He was then stripped of his citizenship in Saudi Arabia and cast out of the family by his parents. Parents who were very close social and business friends of the Bush family. In a debate he gets 30 seconds, he did a good job of not firing back insults and trying to explain his position instead.

Giuliani asked a question that he didn’t even know the answer to himself. If Ron could have listed just the above information and said to Rudy and the rest of the crowd and said, “These are the facts. If the US policy had been to stay out of it back then, there would have been no Osama bin Laden to strike us on 9-11. What information do you have to offer to the contrary that 9-11 would have happened if the US policies had not created Osama? Are the politicians going to have the same ‘what did we do’ posture when a member of an Iraqis militia is the next Osama?”

With something like 5 ex wives, a scandal where hid tax payer money to protect his mistress, anti- abortion, and some cold and backwards anti crime policies, Rudy is certainly not running on "Christian values." Do you think he is going to be any better morally then the Monica Lewinsky years of Bill Clinton? I hate to tell you Rudy, Charles Manson could have been mayor on 9-11 and looked good. Dig deeper and find that the fire fighters hold him responsible for not upgrading their communication devices before 9-11. They claim many lives would have been saved if they had


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