Muslim- The Over And Under Reactions

One question I have for the Muslim element that seems to get bent out of shape over the silliest of reason. Is your god so weak and your prophet so sensitive that they are concerned with the words and actions of mortal infidels? It is hard to believe that a supreme deity would really be offended by the people he created and would have the power to destroy. There gets to be a point where you need to let Mohammed defend himself. Why don’t you concentrate your energy on being better servants to your god? Those of us who offend him will have to pay when we die according to Islam right?

You know I am a pretty tolerant guy. I tend to minimize what would normally churn the masses into a frenzy. However, I am growing tired of defending Islam against the extremist views that infect it. Many Muslims appropriately say, "Islam is a peaceful religion whose practitioners are not different then their Christian brethren." Honestly, they are mostly right. There are a few billion Muslims in the world and the extremist make up less then 1/10th of 1 %. The problem occurs when there aren’t enough of the rest of the population to stand up against the extremist when they show up on CNN.

I don’t know much about Islam or the Muslim culture. I haven’t even tried to read the Koran. Maybe in the future I will find time. I know and have had acquaintances with quite a few Muslims. All of them are good people that I would trust. Generally the mix is no more or less repulsive then any other group of humans I have to associate with. I certainly know more then my fair share of shallow thinking thick skull ehhm "Christians" who spew out the "nuke ‘em all" ideology like case numbers on Deal Or No Deal.

It has become increasingly difficult to defend Islam from the stereotype. It is difficult to defend a culture that produces reactions more akin to a spoiled child. One moment you can see and hear prominent members of the faith calling for the death and destruction of entire nations. The next there is an "honor killing. Time and again a represenative will appear on TV saying that Islam is peaceful. However if you dare so much as express disbelief in their faith, thousands will gater in the street to say, "(they) want you dead." You can’t even make innocent mistakes that can be completely attributed to cultural disconnects.

Some cartoons drawn by a Danish artist, incite and international news incident. Are you kidding? They are cartoons. Who cares. More fame was given to them by the over reaction then they would have ever have gotten. The point was to make a few people laugh and piss off a few extremists. It worked. When the reaction calling for their death hit the news it added strength to the anti Muslim stereotype.

When the Pope said Mohammed had brought only evil. When it comes to the business of religion, the Pope is Islam’s rival. The fact that he would say something bad about Mohammed is as surprising as the CEO of K-Mart making negative statements about Wal-Mart. Marching in the streets calling for his head only stood to legitimatize his point and the point of his followers who happen to have a lot of money and a lot of weapons.

Then there is the teddy bear. So let me get this straight. Gillian Gibbons, a teacher, something that is lacking in Sudan I am told, did not stop the children from calling a stuffed animal by the most common name in the world, Mohammed. There were 2 children in her class named Mohammed. A place like Sudan is an area of unrest and instability of both the political and economical nature. That will never change as long as elements of the community are allowed to fly off the handle over such miniscule reasons. A few hundred people were calling for her to be executed!! As if it wasn’t bad enough she was actually convicted of her "crime".

At some point you have to let the spoiled child Mohammed grow up and be a man. Men know how to take a or an insult on the chin and shake it off. I have a hard time thinking that "God" spent his time creating people just to be the police of other people. Muslims and Islam are being assaulted on two fronts. No I don’t mean Iraq and Afghanistan. I mean externally from those who only associate the irate blood thirsty image of Muslims that are splayed across the TV screens of the international news castes. They are suffering a second assault from the internal extreme sects that find their way into that international spotlight. This is where the revolution fronts are. Standing up to the minority every time they make the news. Somebody needs to be there to counter. Every time there is a demonstration, somebody needs to be there to have a counter demonstration. Because right now this small percentage is giving a voice to the masses and a target for what the blood thirsty greedy apes who lead the west. They want to be able to say, "see these Muslims can’t be trusted".

One thing is certain. There is nowhere else in the world, and no other religion that can be found to have similar stories. You could burn a picture of the pope, draw a cartoon of Jesus screwing a sheep, piss on the Ten Commandments, put a dogs head on Buddha, or what ever you might like to deface other religions. No where will you find people of other major religions calling for the death of others over such trivial offenses. Until Islam is disassociated with suicide bombing, honor killings, convictions of women for getting raped, burkas in the stupidly hot desert, and other illogical practices, the religion will not get respect or tolerance of the rest of the majors.
You know I am thinking about getting a couple of pups in the spring. I think I will name them Jesus and Mohammed. Mohammed will be the bitch of course. It will be funny to watch as Jesus mounts Mohammed.


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