What Is The Mission Again And How Do We Achieve It

Mission? What Mission.- somebody please explain to me how 15 Saudis, 2 men from the UAE, an Egyptian, and a Lebanese man that were trained in Pakistan and Afghanistan to attack the US with training they got in the US flight schools, with visas they got through our state department, and a box cutter ended up as a war against Iraq? Can somebody explain how to "complete a mission" based on faulty nuclear and biological weapons intelligence, then changed to liberating the Shea from the Sunnis, then stopping sectarian violence, then giving the Sunnis militias guns and support to kill Al-Qeada who wee previously only found in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the UAE. Can somebody tell me how American soldiers got sent into harms way when the UN inspectors said they had found no evidence of WMDs and needed more time, commissioned diplomats concluded the intel was inaccurate, and on the word of an Iraqi exiled convicted of bank fraud that had not set foot inside of Iraq since 1965. I am of course referring to Ahmed Chalabi. How is it that nobody has been held accountable for the loss of so many lives?

How can the US conservatives show any signs of joy or claim any kind of success for what they have “accomplished” in Iraq. Could you imagine if one day your streets looked like this? (Iraq streets before invasion). Then 6 years later they look like this. (Baghdad today.) You can not call that progress. Even putting back things to the way they were is still not giving back the lives and the time of the Iraqi people.

You know how I like analogies, here is one for the surge and “current successes in Iraq. If you shoot a hole in a man’s boat it will begins to sink. Even if that boat was a rickety, old, and unattractive to you, it was still his boat to sail. Just because you swim out and put your finger in the hole and therefore stopping the sinking process, it is still not movement towards success. Eventually you will have to remove your finger and the boat will again sink. The boat lives in the water. The water has no other place to go and all the time in the world to wait. When you remove your finger will you then curse the boats owner for not doing his part? Will you curs the water for doing what water has always done? There will be only one to blame for that boats sinking. The one who shot the whole in it shoulders all of the blame. So when the US removes its soldiers from Iraq, and Iran and Syria come rushing in, whose fault will it be?

So what is the mission? Can somebody honestly see a scenario where Iraqis people will be as safe, let alone safer, than they were under Saddam? How long will it take before American troops can walk the streets of Baghdad as freely as they walk the streets of Berlin? If the answer is never then the response might as well be to have them come home now.

One is left with the horrible feeling now that war settles nothing; that to win a war is as disastrous as to lose one. - Agatha Christie


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