Too Busy Being" Free" To Be Concerned With Preserving "Freedom"

Really, you would think with the work I do, in the place that I work, finding somebody who is watching the candidate debates would be easy. I mean "people, one of these people might be our next boss." No dice. There are so many TVs around here. I found two places where some dumb blond who thought “Europe was a country” was matching wits with a 5th grader. She was loosing. I found two different sports games being played on two other televisions. Nobody seemed to be interested in the debate.

I went to the break room, which I didn’t want to. I knew what would happen there. Eventually the shallow disgruntled military type will stray in and start talking over the debate. This is especially true at night when there seems to be a plethora of these types around here. They are certainly not the type you want to watch a democratic debate with. The word “hippie” is certain to flow freely.

On cue, about 15 min after I sit down, in comes the first one. As luck would have it Kucinich was on the screen. “that guy.. grumble grumble… criminal… bankrupted Cleveland…” he left, whew that was quick and painless. Nope only to return with re-enforcements. All of the common statements like, “None of them are any good” or “why can’t they find ‘normal joes’ to run for office?” I of course smile and begrudgingly agree knowing to answer their question would require at least an hour and a computer with an overhead to explain. The first 15 min. would be describing what a “normal joe” is. Then showing how the policies of normal joe would ruin the economics and foreign strength of the country. Besides, how would either of these guys know if a candidate on stage was “any good”? There is no way they had heard a word they have said. I am sure that most of them haven’t visited the websites of the candidates, or the government websites even to see how the candidates have voted on important issues.

One guy did bring up the e-mail with Obama not covering his heart during the national anthem. The same source that promises Microsoft will send you money for forwarding emails, a Baron wants to send you his money, and Target hates US vets is the source of his candidate information? So what!! I don’t care that his etiquette is in odd standings. After my dismay in Bill Clinton, and George Jr., I no longer need or expect my presidents to be roll models any more then I expect an athlete to be. What will he allow to pass into law when it comes to immigration!! That is what I want to know about a president. How are they going to change the educational system? Issues, not image are important. We had what looked like on the surface one of the most “moral” presidents you could ask for throughout the first decade. Turns out he lied, cheated and stole using policies that caused the death millions.

They all talked and not one of them listened. I still don’t see how people can tell whether they like a candidate. I hear them complain about the issues that many of the candidates are addressing. they can't stop flapping their lips long enough to hear. Worse then that, I couldn’t hear a word after awhile.

No eventually I was in the middle of 4 of them standing around talking about the Marine Corps birthday ball. One guy I had left to the TV in our shared office because “smallville” was more important then knowing what the next possible ruler of the free world had to say. Great, you did a few push ups and maybe even shot a few people to defend my "freedom". However, I am watching the debate to see who I want to elect to define what that means. Because if “freedom” means making life more dangerous, expensive, and difficult for my family, then I don’t want your freedom.

Americans are so fucking stupid it is sickening. If we were an insignificant country that nobody can find on a map that is one thing. But our stupidity spills all over the world in adverse ways. Our aggressive war before diplomacy foreign policy has changed the Middle East for ages to come. Our leaders denial of our personal responsibility for adverse climate change reaches way outside our borders. We are all so concerned with how pretty, “normal”, patriotic, and marketable our leaders are that we are willing to forsake the values that have given us this prosperity. Most importantly we are screwing things up for our children and grandchildren.

Look, it is not enough to preach about freedom. It is not enough to "serve", send your children to war, or wave the American flag. It is not enough to just vote because an email said something good or bad about a person. It is not enough to vote for the person leading the pack because you think they can win for your favorite party. You have to know what their values of the person you are putting in charge. you would trust your child to a baby sitter just because an ad said they were good. So why would you trust your child's future to somebody who said they had your best interest in mind in their ad.

These people I work with are good people. I respect the intellect and moral posture of many of them. That actually makes their approach even more discerning. But how do you impose the importance of these decisions to a group such as these people? People who hold our very security in their own hands.


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