Election Reform the Logical Way- Vote the Issues

I have a suggestion for “election reform”. Earlier I posted a debate format that would make much more sense. It was a post titled “How about this for a debate format” and can be found here . It would require candidates well thought out responses that they could be held accountable for. They would have the opportunity to go back and forth with each other using a blog format.

Now lets move on to a new election format. One that will ensure a more fair and relative election. How about instead of electing candidates by selecting a name on a ballot, selections are made by a scoring system of how you feel about different issues. Then you would rate how important they are to you. Those scores would be matched against how the candidates felt or have voted on different issues in the past.

Bare with me. I got the idea from a website somebody sent me the other day. I am sure most of you have seen it or one like it. This one is called “select a candidate quiz’ and can be found here. You simply answer questions about the issues and then rate how important the issues are to you. It works out great. Turns out my dream ticket would be Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinch. LoL. That is about right too. (Actually my dream ticket would be Clinton/ Guiliani so I know I wouldn’t have to pick between them.)

I would love comments or people to point out the wholes in this theory.

Does history record any case in which the majority was right?
Robert Heinlein


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