LOL's Big Day At The Mall

You know I often find it to be a bigger miracle then anything the bible has to offer that we human begins are still here. We haven’t blown ourselves up, destroyed our livable environment, or even breaded ourselves right into extinction. I can’t believe we haven’t created a race of empty headed zombies that go around feeding on one another. Oh wait, that we have done.

Today I got to see what i believe explains the root of many of the problems that has become mainstays of American culture. Today I found myself in that cest pool that is the last bastion of intellect. The apitomy of a the bad side effects of free enterprise. A place where you can go to prove that we have not actually evolved, just got better at being monkeys. A place where spreading of peacock feathers, the beating of chest, and the illogical thought is marketed. Yes I am talking about the mall. There were so many incidents that I could write a small bathroom reader just on the happenings of today alone. But not this time. I am just going to pick up, a 10 no scratch that a 5 min segment.

I found myself at the car repair shop today near the mall. I was told it would take about 3 hours to do the work required. SO I said I would walk around the area and check back in about 2.5 hours. So that is why there was the rare LOL sighting at the local shopping mall. In one particular 5 min stretch of the day I was walking along, heading towards the video game trade in store which was about a quarter mile in the distance. About 50 ft. in front of me I saw a window roll down and blop, out shot a beverage container. I look, it is some chick who was weaving through traffic, talking on her cell phone, drinking her frozen coke, and under the influence of god knows what else. She had the audacity to whip her garbage out carelessly onto the tree lawn. I shook my head at the thoughtlessness and walked on. Only a few meters down the sidewalk I realize a branch of my bank is right there only slightly out of the way. I needed some liquid cash. As I am crossing through the parking lot a car turn down the street in front of the bank maybe 100 yards away, a young adult stands up with half of his body hanging out the window yelling right at me, "I would fuck you", at the top of his lungs. What was that about? What thought process and chain of events lead him to see me walking through an empty parking lot and then scream that particular offer at the top of his lungs. These incidents both happened in just 5 min of each other.

I thought, "you know here is the result of our parents’ success." It is the cancer that is eating away at our society. Too many of us have become self absorbed, spoiled, unconcerned wastes of oxygen. there is never going to be a thought that passes through our heads, or an action we are involved in that will effect the advancement of the race. We have accepted the "truths that we held to be self evident" as our rights, then added a bunch of other rights that aren't so evident. Our forefathers came here wanting only one thing. They wanted to control their own destiny. To do this they only required the ability to grow their won crops, raise their own livestock, and keep them for themselves. The didn’t feel they deserved somebody to give them corn and pigs. They know freedom from government intervention did not mean freedom from responsibility. Today too many people feel they deserve to "get" without risk or effort.

So what lead that girl to believe that she had the right to just whip garbage out onto the tree lawn for somebody else to pick up? Why was she so unaware of the magnitude of possible destruction that was under her control in the form of an automobile? Did she not realize or not care that with one slip up she could hurt a family to the point of devastation if her driving skills failed? What made this young kid so utterly comfortable with screaming obscenities across a parking lot at somebody he had never even met before? What kind of logic is going through all of their heads that choose these actions as the best of the moment? What has taken us from the self respecting, hard working, evolving race of our forefathers to the self gratifying , disrespectful, shallow thinking, narrow minded, devolving, pleasure seeking sub animal monkeys we are today?

It seems to be in our success. Our prosperity has been our downfall. We haven't had to suffer the results of our poorly made decisions. Life has come so bloodless and easy to the last 5 or 6 generations that we have progressed into regression. We expect everything to be handed to us.

As an example, lets take the Hurricane Katrina verses the Dec. 26th tsunami in the Indian Ocean. Now I fault and despise the Bush administration for many things wrong with our current security, economical, and foreign predicaments. One thing I can’t fault him for is the destruction and life loss by the hurricane. When the Tsunami hit the Indian Ocean regions, do you know whom the natives blamed for it? Mother nature. They didn’t expect their government to come bail them out. They didn’t belly ache to 2 years later because the homes they never owned in a town that was located below sea level, and required a levy system to keep from flooding hadn’t been rebuilt. The tsunami effected areas were inhabited by poor and under privileged. No, in New Orleans and the gulf region they want the tax payers of the rest of the country to pay for them to rebuild. This demand is even though using the best science and technology of today, they can not guarantee it wouldn’t happen again. No the people that survived the tsunami picked up their shattered lives, thanked their god for sparing them, and started rebuilding themselves if they wanted to stay there. They accepted it as nobodies fault, the event just was. In this country we have people filling trailers complaining they have no house and no job even though they didn’t have one before the devastation of the hurricane.

So here we are today. So few people want to deal with the consequences of their actions. Get pregnant and abortion is a "choice". Live under water and flooding occurs is a call for national disaster relief with taxpayer money. There is a "syndrome" for every behavioral and criminal dysfunction committed. Too fat? don't control your diet and exercise, but have your stomach stapled and your fat cut out. We want to spend more then we could possibly pay back, and then we want the government to bail us out instead of forcing us to deal with the consequences. Did we use poor business practices when loaning that money? Sure, and why should the government have to save you from your self. We want cheap and reliable electricity, but we don’t want to have the wind farms in our back yard. We want gas guzzling automobiles for everybody, but then we want to complain when the demand side of that petro equation forces prices through the roof. WE don't question where the cheap products come from or at what cost to the countries from which they come. We assume some magic ferries make it happen. Then when those people sucker punch us with some kind of archaic attack, we all want to sit around going ,"but why do they hate us?"
We have ceased to value leaders, inventors, and scientist in our society. We instead give the greatest merit to mindless thugs who play sports and over indulge in full sight, and Hollywood drama queens who are paid to lie to us for a living. We watch as their money buys them out of responsibility for their actions. We have sold out our philosophy for a materialistic lottery.

Until we as a society can come to terms with the effect of our actions, we will cease to advance. until we realize that we can ask of the world things we can't ask of ourselves, then we won't find the security we all claim we want. More importantly is that if we do not gain a full understanding of the inevitable consequences, we will one day have to deal with the result of those neglected realities. Like the repo man coming to take the SUV we were trying to hold onto with our Pizza delivery job, he will collect. If we keep up our disregard for the environment, Mother Nature will come and collect the world we had built for ourselves on her credit. The question is how do we get miss "the world is my trashcan" to understand the impact of her actions? At the very least how do we get her to not raise children with even less regard for the responsibilities of humanity.

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Napoleon Hill: Quotes: ResponsibilityIf you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self.


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