Hypocrisy- The Most detestable offense

A few days ago I hear a comment about the Senator Larry Craig scandal that was somewhere along the lines that "hypocrisy is not a crime". It is a comment made for just about every scandal that has ever hit Washington. However, here is my take, (Since you are reading this, I assume you care at least a little.), it should be. Hypocrisy should be the only offense that is cause for immediate dismissal from a publicly elected position. An ethics committee should be set up, and if a hypocritical violation is proven, then the senator is immediately released from service. Easy as that.

Look if you run on a platform of anti-abortion positions, however it is discovered that you paid for your secretary to abort your baby, that is hypocritical and reason for censure or dismissal. If you run on a platform of "family values" that insinuate or directly state that you are opposed to prostitution, strip clubs, and/ or adultery and your name ends up in the records of a DC madam, then you are subject to the "no hypocrisy" rule. I don’t care if you run on a platform that advocates the use of only pink fluffy pillows. If somebody catches you sleeping on a hard orange pillow then you can get reprimanded. If you run on a platform that rails against homosexual activities and issues, but it turns out you are a closet homosexual, then the committee steps in and terminates your contract with the people.

Here is the simple explanation for that stance. First, the way our system works is that we elect people who we believe have our like ideologies and will support legislation accordingly. Many of them are the ones that formed those ideologies. To find out they didn’t actually live the gospel they were preaching is not cohesive to the all people are created equal clause of the Constitution. "Don’t be gay its bad, except for me I am special." Is no different then "don’t steal and defraud people, its bad except for me." Especially at the national level, you are not selling us a used car, you are selling us influence that often will effect the lives of our family and maybe even our future generations.

Secondly, hypocrisy can and will lead to reservations. Another important part of the system is that elected officials must passionately invest themselves in their stump issues. If you elect a guy who says he believes that abortion is murder, you expect him to advocate and support extreme versions of the laws that would govern the issue. If you have an official that insinuates that he too believes that it is murder in public but is in private willing to advocate it to help him out of a situation. He would be less likely say vote for laws that make anybody who is affiliated with an abortion "accompli’ de facto" .

Lastly, politicians that are hypocritical are more easily subjected to blackmail. A politician who is on the level and out in the open with nothing to hide, can not be influenced by someone who knows their actions. Hypocrisy is vulnerability in power of your position. Simply put, your mouth has written a check your moral bank couldn’t cover.

Hypocrisy in politics can simply not be tolerated. Many claim there is a double standard in Washington. One for conservatives like Haggard, Foley, Craig, and Vitter and one for the liberal Clinton and Kennedy’s of Washington. Yes!! There is a double standard because there is a double perspective. The liberal tend to be less restrained in their judgement of alternative lifestyles and choices. They vehemently protect the right to have strip clubs and prostitutes in this country. While the conservatives personally oppose these kinds of personal choices. They claim it is negatively effects the American Culture. Hypocrisy requires a double standard.

If Satan ever laughs, it must be at hypocrites; they are the greatest dupes he has. - Charles Caleb Colton


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